How can I save a logo with a TRANSPARENT background in either Illustrator or Photoshop?

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A client gave me a logo in jpg, bitmap and tif formats. It has a white background. He wants me to be able to drop it into an ai flyer that has a multicolored background and does not want it to be on a white backdrop – just wants the logo without that pesty white behind it. I have been messing with this for HOURS and cannot seem to make this happen. No, I do not have the original psd or ai files.
This is what I have been able to do:
-Select and carry alllllll the elements of the logo into new psd docs with Transparent backgrounds.
-Take those elements, now onTransparent backgrounds, and put them together into one new psd doc.

This is where it gets messy……while I would have thought that would have done the trick, when I SAVE the new logo with the Transparent background – and regardless of what format I save it into….jpg, tif, etc. – I STILL end up with a logo with a WHITE background.

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  1. Did you try opening it in photoshop creating a duplicate of that layer and then using the magic wand to select the white and then delete it out? Or if that’s now working, trace around the logo area and then select the inverse and delete that (it should be the white).

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