How do set a jpg image background on a webpage created in coreldraw

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I have been designing a background to be used on my company’s website using CorelDRAW X3. I figured out how to export it from Corel to a jpg image on my computer. Now the problem is the image won’t show up when I set it as a background! When I use the img src tag, it shows up as a broken image. What am I doing wrong? I tried uploading it to my freewebs account and using it that way, but the image is still blank! I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, please help! Is it something to do with the CorelDRAW software–am I missing a step?


The image itself maybe be corrupted, or the browser may be truncating the image- check it in another browser first.

make sure the path in the tag is correct. The easiest way to set a background image is to use the background tag NOT the img tag

Use one of these codes in the html, right after the closing </head> tag:
<body background=”clouds.gif”>
<body background=””>

replace clouds.gif with the name and or path of the image you wish to use.

CSS  (Cascading Style Sheets)is actual the preferred way to do that. This is an example of the CSS declarations you need to put in the Style Sheet:

BODY.tsom {
background-image : url(“../images/005ot_l1.jpg”);
background-color : #ffffff;
background-repeat : repeat-y;

The repeat-y specifies that the image is tiled along the left hand side of the page, when displayed.

On the page itself you would need to  add a link in the head of the document to the stylesheet

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style/style.css” />

replacing the style/style.css  with the path to the style sheet.

then put this right after the Head tag


You can name then styles anything you wish, the tsom is just left over from a stylesheet I used

Check also if you are saving final image in RGB mode instead of CMYK and size of the image is not large….

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  1. You need to change it to .bmp

    Try pulling it up in “paint” and then saving it as .bmp

    Hope that helps.

  2. iam not sure if this is really correct but i think u can go to photobucket and resize the picture or just go to google and type how to get a jpg image as a background. if iam rong iam sorry for my mistake. =/

  3. Add this to the body tag in the HTML and make sure you have the right path specified to the image:

  4. your pathway is probably wrong, put your image on your website and then in the webpage code put the full pathway
    body background=” you put it in/my image.jpg
    If you don’t put it in a folder on your website take that part out

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