How do I remove a shadow from objects and text in CorelDraw?

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I added perspective shadows to a design I created in CorelDraw. Now I want that shadow gone. How do I do that? What toolboxes do I need open or what do I need to click? Please help.


The above problem is one of the most common problem faced by most of folks in the learning process. Now to get rid of the shadow follow the simple steps:

So click on the object and notice in the status bar what it displays notice the it is very lickly that whenever you click on an object you only came up with the objects selection (Notice the first picture below) so while selecting the shadowed object press and hold Ctrl button (Notice the second picture) to select both objects drop shadow and Shape.

Now as you selected both the images now the choice is yours whether you want to completely remove it or want to break apart. To break apart use Ctrl+K or use arrange menu and then break apart. But to permanently remove it notice the toolbar you have just used earlier and click over the last button marked red with a cross.

Its all done.

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