How do I save a file as a certain size?

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I need to save this file for submission as an ad to a magazine. They specify “size to 240 pixels wide by 140 pixels high and save as gif or jpg at 15 kb’s.”
I have CorelDraw x 4 and Ms Office suite.

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  1. if you are using ms paint, you will notice that when you move your mouse around the document there is a number in the bottom right that changes rapidly. that is the pixel location of your mouse. if you click and drag the corner, then that is how big your picture is. to save as a jpg, just go to file-> save as -> save as type *.jpg

  2. First size the picture to 240X140. (If it’s not a 1.7 :1 ratio, make sure that it’s smaller than 240X140). Then save it as a jpg. It’ll be whatever size it is. If it’s larger than 15kb, make the picture a little smaller and save it again. The file size is what it needs to be, you can’t change it without changing the picture.

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