How do you make cigarette smoke apparent in black and white film photo?

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im doing one scene where the man is smoking a cigarette. im not sure of the lighting situatuion yet becasue i have not been to to the actually setting. but i want the smoke to noticable.
if you know the proper settings i should apply to my camera please help.
I have a Minolta Maxxium 50- not the best camera in the world but it’ll get the job done.
i will be processing all the pictures in a darkroom so also if you know any dark room tricks such as how to render because i do not.

thank you


The appearance of the smoke will be most affected by the type of lighting that you will be using. If it’s a low-key lighting situation, then you might be able to save shadow details by developing in a high dilution of Rodinal. Then again, you might obtain a better result – more contrast – by using a concentrated soup. Either way, you could adjust the contrast further by the type of paper that you use when printing. And, if all else fails, just dodge the highlights further in the darkroom.

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  1. Its all about lighting. I am not a huge film shooter, and I usually use flash off camera to make smoke show up. But, maybe some backlighting would work well not directly behind but off to the side and behind. Think about it, you want the smoke to reflect light or else the camera wont see it. If you have a DSLR as well I would try some experiments with that and then move to film.

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