How do you take pictures of…oh, please just read?!! (n answer)?

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how do you take pictures from programs like microsoft word, coreldraw, and adobe photoshop?and also games like diner dash, insaniquarium and heavy weapon?
Um…I’m sort of dumb, so I have to ask this question…
Which one is the print screen button on the keyboard?

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  1. Take them like wher are you going to put them or what are you wanting the for or in – kind of matters a bit really!

  2. you need to reword your question, but if you mean take a picture of the application, you can do it to any program you’re running. hold down CTRL + PRINT SCRN. open up your MS Paint program and then paste (CTRL + V)

  3. just open the file and then click on print screen u c it after f12 and then press ctrl + c and past it into the paint. and save u will get the pictures

  4. Do you mean a screen shot? Press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard to copy the screen, then paste it into a photo editing program like photoshop or paint

  5. Do you mean ‘screenshots’? If so try this… Hold down the Alt key and press Print Screen, this will copy the Highlited window or Top Most Window to your Clip Board. Now just open Paint or your favorite image editing program and choose Paste from the Edit Menu (you can also press Crtl + V) This will paste the contents of your clipboard into the program…Voila!

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