How to convert Adobe Illustration to CorelDraw?

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  1. Corel 11 can supposedly import Native AI version 8 files. After version 8, Adobe began saving with PDF data and Corel can’t handle it very well.

    File>Export>Save file type as>Illustrator Legacy. When prompted for the version, save it as 8.0

    Then in Corel import as PS interpreted.

    Corel 11 can also either open or import (not sure which) legacy version 8 EPS files. (Similar export instructions as above – Adobe moved the legacy saves around from the ‘save as’ to ‘export’ dialogs with CS, then back again with CS2 =)).

    I think the latest version of Corel can IMPORT (not open) PDF files saved from AI, too, I believe. I think you have to save them as legacy 8 EPS then resave them as PDFs for that to work.

    As a rule, even the latest version of Corel still wants older versions of Illustrator documents. If your friend is using an old version of Corel and you are using CS, you’re going to have a problem. The old version of Corel had very primitive import filters if you are forced to save down to EPS 3, you’re going to lose all transparency.

    I don’t use Corel, so I am getting this information from what Vinyl Cutters and similar clients have told me in the past.

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