Learn to convert an .AVI Video into .GIF animation Using Photoshop

Like the movie...rate it now

You will need: Photoshop VirtualDub Magic Video Converter *Also i found out that the gifs look and play better when there is more frames*

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. hi um how do you that like the bottom have some applations on the bottom of the screen and the start menu on the top?

  2. i often got the problem that the VirtualDub failed to upload the video even though it’s AVI already. do you have any idea why it happens?
    thanks before (:

  3. keepvid.com is also a good one for downloading youtube videos, and if you have orbit downloader you can use that too as long as you dont use opera because it doesnt work with that browser. format factory is a much better conversion program also that will come in handy with all types and files and its absolute freeware.

  4. a question you have the key to buying please …
    thanks for everything, whether as convert video to gif, thank you
    I hope you answer me ..

  5. Couldn’t Locate decompresser for format “DX50” (uknown)
    When I try to put the AVI in VirtualDub o.0

  6. thank you!!! But i dont need 9 minutes for understand how to make this…
    Ill follow the links right now.

    also, Thanks for that

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