How to create Guidelines in CorelDraw: Aligning Guidelines to edge of the page

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Hi Guys Once again I am here with a brand new tutorial for Beginners How to work with Guidelines in CorelDraw? 

As this tutorial is for beginners so let me first tell you what are Guidelines and why these are beneficial?

Guidelines are the  lines that can be placed anywhere in the drawing window to aid in object placement. In some applications, guidelines are known as guides. These lines are never printable and always placed to a layer called Guides or Guidelines. For those who are going curious what are layers I will create a tutorial on layers very soon… till then plz have patience.

Now How to add Guidelines:

If I go technically then the steps to add a Guidelines is as follows

To add a horizontal or vertical guideline

1.   Click View>  Setup > Guidelines setup.

2.   In the list of categories, click one of the following:

•  Horizontal

•  Vertical

3.   Specify the guideline settings you want.

4.   Click Add.

The above steps doesn’t seems to you very complicated so here is the simple one

Just go through the ruler (if you don’t find the rulers visible on your corel’s window then Click view> rulers.)

Now Click – hold and drag the mouse pointer ; you will notice here that a edgy dotted lines being dragged behind the rulers… you can use this trick from both ruler position i.e. vertically or horizontally. And finally you will get the results as shown below:

This way you can place a guideline anywhere you need….

So now you have learned how to create a guideline… but do you know that even if you have settled the position of a guideline you can move it; to do so  just click and drag it to new position remember not to leave the mouse button. To delete just select the guideline and click delete.

Now How to align  these guidelines to the active page just wait for my next tutorial…. link will also be provided on this page once the article is ready.

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