How to create PDF file From CorelDraw: Lowest file size vs high quality prints

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Portable Document Format (PDF) has now become the most popular file format for distributing, printing, archiving any type of files these days.. the same also happened in Graphic Designing industry. Now how to create PDF’s from CorelDraw is one of the most asked question asked by several newbies… below is the all the description how to create PDF file from CorelDraw….

1. First open the CorelDraw File and then from the file menu look after the menu Publish to PDF…

2. Now if you not want to get into any advance option, then click the drop down menu at PDF preset as shown below and choose the desired option but the best is Document distribution… but in case if you are looking smallest file size then you can opt for Web preset… not here that web preset should be used only when files is send to be published on web as it will change all colors to RGB not suitable for printing.

3. What if you are looking for the high quality cmyk but the lowest file size then first set the preset to Document Distribution then click on setting right to it and from the object tab set the JPG slider from high quality to low….

Hope this article had helped you


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