How to draw cartoon robot using CorelDRAW X4? Any tutorials?

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I’m new with this graphic stuffs.
I’ve been trying to learn it by watching videos online.
I wanna draw a cartoon robot. Something like this one :

Where can I learn it?
Any tutorials?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I find the best way to start is with a sketch, once your happy with that scan it into corelDRAW then make it transparent and lock it so you can work over the top with out it moving around.

    There is no correct way of going about your task. You can end up with the same results using different methods eg.
    1. draw all the coloured shapes making up your design and adding thicker lines with the outline tool for the outlines.
    2. starting with thick outlines on the pen tool, drawing straight lines and joining up at the end then re-selecting the lines and curving them to the wanted shapes. Afterwards converting all the outer edges (stroke paths) of your design to real tangable outlines by convert outline to object (under the arrange menu) that will leave you with an shape to colour in the shapes (you will need to view it as outlines to select thes shapes.

    There are hundreds of ways to do it. You will just have to find the way that suits you best.

    a quick robot by me:

    and robots by a Corel jedi:

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