How to export a vector text from Photoshop to Indesign

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Few days back I was working with a file created in Photoshop and in the design there were a lot of text matter. Though I never prefer creating a layout in Photoshop if it has a lot of text but this particular file was provided by the client itself and he only wanted to edit it in Photoshop.

Now after several back and forth finally the design came to its end and I have to finally submit it for the final printing. And as the file was given to me directly by the client I have returned the file in its native format *.psd format … and then form the client side it was sent for the final printing. And in the final file where the psd file was placed is in Indesign.

Now it is where the problem occurs… the text from the psd file when used converts in image format… which according to printer … not suits for best quality printing.

Now again the client contacted me and asked what can be done?

For the problem.. do you suggest me a solution … though it is very simple but for anyone facing this situation first time can be a very frustrating… and the solution are instead of using the file as it is PSD format export in in PDF or EPS format…

Here I always prefer PDF as this is the most popular both vector and image based file and well suited for pre-press printing needs. In this format the text used in Photoshop maintain those mathematically pure vector lines while bringing the image into InDesign.

Though the text does not remain editable but the output always remains high quality vector black or whatever colour you have used.

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