The method to export transparent icons from photoshop or CorelDraw

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hi, i want to ask that if i create any image(PNGs) in photoshop how can i export them as icons (and i want them to be atleast 48 x 48 pixels). also could anyone tell me if there is a way to export icons from coreldraw with alpha (transparency). I used the no background option but even then the icons are exported with the white background.
i will want to use a plugin instead of irfanview or other sfs and what abt coreldraw

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  1. hi, i don’t know if you can export from photoshop but i recommend irfanview. i know irfanview can export icons from images, i guess you have to export from photoshop as a gif or something then use irfanview to create ur icon.

    irfanview is free btw.

  2. hi, you can do it with Paint(bitmap) –
    1. darw and edit any picture with photoshop 1 Icon that is in Windows to bitmap
    3.erase that Icon to white. the picture that you maked by photoshop for Icon in Bitmap
    5. put that picture in the white Icon
    6. Save it ! ((when you want save it – it automatically save as a Icon Format)) – and you can use it for ICON!
    Good luck – My Yahoo!ID : all2all_meysam

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