How to import multi-object multi-layered photoshop image in CorelDraw

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If you are designing a book or working with a page lay-outing in CorelDraw consisting a lot of images created in Photoshop with a  merged background then here is one great tip you would love to know. As importing images created in Photoshop with a merge background needs to be imported several times and then cropping the desired image consumes lot of time… now how to over come this situation…

Below is the simple steps if you follow can save you a lot of time and give you a perfection in your job:

Step 1: First you need to open the Image in Photoshop which have multi image in the merge state.

Step 2: Now click on the white background with the magic wand tool (but don’t forget to set the tolerant level so that the only white background is selected and not the images from the top options) or you can also choose out the erase tool to delete white space between images.

Step 3: Now select the single image with the lesso tool or using the magic wand tool.

Step 4: Now press Ctrl+J. Look your object have been pasted on new layer. Repeat this command on every object in your document.
Now delete Background layer, hey! you have created every object on different layer, now you can import this file on In Design or Corel or Illustrator.

That’s all… hope you liked the above tip… keep visiting there is lot more on this site you would love to know…

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