How to import symbol created to coreldraw?

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I need to place a symbol in well log. Is it possible to create the symbol in some format, save it and import it to corel draw and place it repeatedly where I want? Please guide me how to do it.


Coreldraw is the most flexible software available today, it supports almost all the vector and raster formats, so if you already have any logo then you can use the Ctrl+I command to import the logo whether it is in png, jpg, psd or eps format. You can also use files created with Adobe Illustrator which is also widly used.

However it would be best to draw any straight in Coreldraw so that it can be scaled to any size without loosing its quality. As files in jpg format or created with photoshop have their own limitations.

To duplicate any object or logo you only need to press Ctrl+d with any object selected it will place an another instance. Then after you should use characters t, l, b, r to align them top, left, bottom or right accordingly. (Make sure you have selected multiple objects while pressing these keys.

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