How to merge two Indesign document into one? Steps explored…

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So, you have two document created in Indesign and wants them to merge them in a single document… though at first it sounds very easy but for a fresher it is somehow a very difficult task. Even for a experience one it is not like just copying and pasting but if the procedure is right, it may be as easy as you cannot think for it.

So what you need first just open the both documents in Indesign and select the document which you want to move to another document.

Next from the Window menu choose Pages or alternatively use F12 to open the page panel. From the page panel select the pages you want to move to the next document. After the pages being selected, right click using mouse on any of the pages selected and from the pop up choose move pages. This will display the messages as shown below:

Move pages in Indesign

From the dialouge box choose the destination where after you want to place the pages and from the next drop down select the file into which the pages will be moved and click on OK…. the result will be a combined document.

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