How to take a snapshot capture screen on MAC using wndows keyboard

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Okay here’s the deal, I have an iMac and already know that on a regular keyboard to use command+shift+3 or 4 to take a snapshot of my screen. However due to unfortunate circumstances D: I now have a regular Microsoft (cordless) keyboard. I’ve tried just about every snapshot shortcut known to man (well known to me) and nothing works. Help!?!?

I’ve also tried the print screen trick but I don’t have Microsoft Paint to paste it 🙁 I thought maybe I could use Photoshop, but apparently not.

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There is another method for capturing screen shots in Mac OS X is by using the bundled Apple utility, Grab, located in the Applications > Utilities folder. Grab is useful if you need to include a cursor or a menu in your screen shot, or if you want to save your screen shot to TIFF format. To include a cursor, first go to Grab Preferences and select the cursor icon you wish to have in your screen shot. To capture the screen with Grab, run Grab, then choose of the capture modes from the “Capture” menu: Selection, Window, Screen, Timed Screen.

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  1. Go to System Preferences, then click on Keyboard and Mouse, there should be a selection above which says ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’, scroll a little way down before it says, ‘Save picture of screen as file’ and you can change the shortcut.

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