How to use pick tool to stretch or Rotate an object in CorelDraw: CorelDraw Beginner tutorial

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In previous article Using CorelDraw Transform Pick or Move tool in CorelDraw you have learned how to use pick tool to select an object and how to the selected object form one place to another…. now today in this tutorial you will learn how the picker tool is used to stretch or rotate an object…

1. As in the previous article you have just read, to select an object… you have to click over the object with the picker tool…. and  the four black points at each corner means it is selected.

2. As you have selected the object now to get it stretched just hover your mouse over any of four corner points. Now notice the change in the pointer as shown in the picture below. Click and drag while keeping the mouse button pressed… to the desired width.

Note here that the four corner nodes stretch any object in a proportionate manner while the center nodes stretch in a single direction. Pressing shift while you drag the mouse pointer will stretch any object in opposite direction also.

3. Now let us get through how to rotate an object…. as you have done earlier to select an object click over, using the mouse button. Now click over it again to get to rotate option… as soon you click over it again all the four nodes will change as shown below.

Now just move over mouse pointer to any of the four points . Click on it and rotate in the desired direction. That’s it.

Now here is one more tip: You can also skew any object in coreldraw with the rotate option, this time you need to select the middle button and drag left – right or up down respectively.

Hope this is what you are looking for… keep me informed via comments.


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