How to use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator and how to make vector line art tutorial.

Like the movie...rate it now Here in this video I’ll show you how to work and us the pentool in adobe Illustrator. The peen tool is one lil tricky thing to understanding at first. But once you learn it’s secrets and what it really can do, then you’re gonna excel when using it. I’ll also show you how you can create line art with the tool as well. Question: Why should I use the pentool, and is it as easy to use like some claim? Answer: Well the pen tool is a very universal and flexible utility. The pentool can be used in many scenarios that might take physical and dynamic skill to excite a desired illustrators by hand. However by using the pentool you can work much easier by placing points and making curves in your desire. Yes the pen tool is rather easier to use than speculated. Some might look at the pen tool and dread using it. But don’t worry, once you learn the basics then you’ll be able to take on any big project with the pentool. So have not fear, DavinDaGeek is here. Donate:

Like the movie...rate it now