How to Use the Refine Edge in Photoshop – Video Tutorial

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How to Use the Refine Edge in Photoshop to improve the quality of your selection for isolated objects or people.

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  1. Uhm, sir. You forgot one very important thing: after refining the edge, you didn’t invert the selection and delete the pixels that you’ve refined.. That’s why at the end, nothing happened. Good thing I found it out. Very great tutorial

  2. Has anyone else experienced problems with Refine Edge? The refinements preview properly, but when I press “OK” they disappear and it resets back to the raw image.

  3. I’m doing a brochure for my graphic design school and this is exactly what I needed explained to me. You did a marvelous job of doing that. Thanks and I’m subscribing to you!!

    (5 stars) no doubt!

  4. Good tutorial, thanks.
    Something that would of been helpful for me as i am new to ps would have been if you had removed the object from a multi colored background, instead of just a solid background.

    i figured it out though, just simply holding down shift will allow you to select multiple areas around the object, or the object its self and then don’t select/inverse depending on which is simpler in each picture.

  5. great tutorial.. a little long in the end with the redefine options (black and masking and so on..) but great

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