How to View Thumbnail of Adobe Illustrator in Windows Explorer?

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Today there are only few software which considered as the best are Adobe Illustrator and Corel’s Coreldraw but there is a unique problem which is quite common while working with Adobe Illustrator. This is related to thumbnail preview of Adobe CS series. Prior to the CS series we can view .AI and .eps file preview well right in windows explorer but in the latest release it has been disabled to favor Adobe Bridge… but it quite an irritating job to open adobe bridge every time when we are in a state to search any particular file. (As if we have an preview of any file it is quite easy to locate a file) But for now does not it has any solution…

Ofcourse Yes! only you have to provided files responsible to give the previews of Illustrator files to their specific folder and some modifications to registry settings..

So first you have to download files required,  download now

There are instructions provided with in the file on how to achieve the desired result. This trick is also veru effective to have preview of the adobe illustrator files even if you don’t have Adobe Illstrator installed over the system..

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