How to open downloaded EPS files, how to work with them- Which software to work with

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I downloaded some .eps files. I am able to open them in an EPS Viewer, although the colors do not come out well. So my questions are:
1) In what ways is EPS different in terms of USAGE from other formats?

2) How do I incorporate the .eps graphics in my art via Corel/ Inkscape/ Adobe Photoshop? I am not able to open the .eps files in CorelDraw and Inkscape. How will I be able to do so?
More importantly, how do I USE them?

3) Why does my EPS Viewer not show the graphics in their right colors?

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Eps files downloaded from Internet actually are created in Adobe Illustrator so if you can manage Illustrator effectively then try them direct in Illustrator thus way you can manipulate them in your way. You can also break them part by part for better layout and recoloring. But if you want to use them with Coreldraw some of them doesn’t suppose to be prefect formatted for Corel, first you need to open them in Adobe Illustrator and save it in the earlier version format say version 9 or earlier and then you can open it in CorelDraw x4 version… hope this will solve your problem

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  1. Photoshop should be able to open the eps files as it supports this format, from there you can resave to other format of your choice.

    Eps used to be regarded as the highest quality image format option although since Photoshop and Illustrator formats were able to be placed directly in InDesign there has been less emphasis on this.

    Without knowing in what format the files were created originally it’s hard to say why you are experiencing colour shifts when viewing the eps files.

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