I want to teach myself to use Adobe Illustrator, but I just don’t get it. Can someone give me some help?

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I am very proficient in Photoshop, after a brief 5-10 minute lesson that my brother, (the graphic artist) gave me years ago. My sister has worked in Illustrator in front of me millions of times, but my brain turns off when she is explaining things. I am a person that learns be doing, but I can not figure out how to work with the layers & paths…(I think that is my problem) in illustrator. The only thing I seem to have figured out is playing with text, but then I need to bring it into photoshop to do anything with it.

Can someone give me some advise about how to start learning this program. Anything from a vocabulary lesson so that I can understand the help topics, or tips about how to learn to work with the paths and the layers since that is so foreign to me. I think I could create amazing designs, (better than my brother and sister, hehehe) because I already do in photoshop what I should be doing in Illustrator. Any information or tips could be useful, so don’t hold back.

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  1. Honestly… it would take way to long to explain all that is involved. I speak on this subject with great experience. I am completly self taught in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc… and I am currently a graphic designer for a real estate company.
    The best suggestion I can give is that you read tutorials and watch video tutoials on the tools that are in illustrator. There are many sites out there with some very talented people writing the tutes. Run a search for “pen tool tutorials”
    This is a great site for tutes … http://tutorialoutpost.com/tutorials/illustrator/basics

    Here is a good beginners tute from that site:

    by the way… beware of the ones marked “Ads by yahoo” as they are just ads but look like the tutes.

    Being that you have the know-how in PShop, you will catch on pretty quick because some of the tools are alike but in the meantime… this will be helpful too http://school.tatoland.com/illustrator/aitools.html
    If you have any questions, you can email me at jtannerc@yahoo.com

    good luck and happy designing.

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