Illustration techniques in CorelDraw X3

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Illustration techniques in CorelDraw X3

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Estou desenvolvendo um pacote de pincéis para dar uma turbinada em imagens em vetor e efeitos em fotografia no corel X4 e X5, caso tenha interesse me contate. Estou terminando de confeccionar os presets que acompanham o produto.

  2. Wow what a mess to draw a simple box!! you can draw it in Adobe Illustrator in just 3 or 4 minutes, but I have to give credit to Alexisalvez for the video any way…

  3. i am a beginner and after watching ur illustration i dare to ask u can u tell me in vector grophic how i can i create parallel boundry with different distances

  4. Excellent tutorial. Very valuable! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I’ve been using Corel Suite since v.5.0, and I’m still learning 😉

  5. this is just what iwas looking for, the voiceover really helps! all the rest are just someone else making something but sped up, no instructions!

  6. I’m an amateur graphic designer who knows corel draw pretty well. But my neice is just starting out and she doesn’t know bit-one about computer art. So I’m scanning her hand drawn and water colored charactors, cutting them out and assembling them in Corel for a short children’s book. Even though I could recreate the charactors from scratch, I really want to keep the texture of her hand painted artwork. Its in the “imperfections” that this artwork gets its charm.

  7. i know what u mean, things like these arent bad, but when you can easily make up for a skill in say, pencil drawing or painting in corel, i think it is not as credible as a handdrwn piece.
    have you ever seen the painting efects on corel and stuff? it takes hours of work, but photoshop or corelcan do it in seconds

    Art is art, i agree with u, but skill is skill as well.

  8. Sure encourage all you want. But its not more skill. Its just a different skill. Art is Art no matter what the medium.

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