Importing Multi Page word document in Indesign

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As I have already said in my previous article that Word files are one of the easier way to write a book for most of the authors around the world… but do you know if these books all well formatted they can be easily used in the same way in which they are.

To achieve the goal you first you should know whether the word document you are importing have the same paper print size as it would be in Indesign and the second thing is the font used in the word document are ok… if both the condition are met then rest are just as easy as it can be.

Step one: Open Indesign software and create a new document.

Step two: With in the dialogue displayed set the page size, margins, bleed, columns etc. If you are not sure what are these items means to you can refer to the following article

Master Page Layout in Indesign, Bleed, Print area, Cut size setting for a page in Indesign

Step three: Now using the file menu > place, import the word file into Indesign. It will give you a place holder icon just click on the page and the text from the word file will be on the page area.

Step four: From Layout > Pages > Insert pages add one or more pages to the document. Now from the imported text document text frame click on the small arrow like button as shown in the image below.

Text frame anchor

Step five: Now press and hold the Shift button and on the next blank page click using the mouse button and the hidden text that were in the previous text frame will be automatically added to Indesign document.

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