In CorelDraw, how do I make the logo I created for my website look more clear and crisp?

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I created a logo, and basically whenever I export it to a web development program I’m using, and I preview it, the resulting logo looks jagged and disproportional. I’ve tried designing the logo to the ratios of the allowed space for the logo, but that didn’t seem to work. It’s a vector drawn logo. I just can’t seem to make it appear crisp and clear on my web page. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I’m not familiar with coreldraw. However it is possible you are working too small in that program and then trying to enlarge it on your webpage the result is a pixelated image. Increase the file size and work larger you can always shrink it down later but it won’t look good larger if it starts small.

  2. In Corel-Draw, you can design image logo as vector format, there is also Paint tool, for raster pixel editing, but main program, is for scalable designing, so it depends what you save copy od draw file as, for export and web use, png, may be better than jpg or gif, eps and pdf, for other printing documents, and the size of logo you are designing, if logo is small in vector size at 1×1″ square inch, and you save copy as jpg, then make larger for document, the jpg quality may be too low in size from resolution,
    make logo large enough for full page as vector design, and export as png to test size of copy,

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4

    if able check options for export file as swf flash vector format,

  3. May be the logo u hv drawn is too small, so after exporting if u hv to enlarge the log, the resolution reduces and it looks pixelet. So make the logo in bigger size. and if there r outline then the outline shd b “scale with image”.

  4. Maybe try doing some free logo design over on our service? Our files you can purchase after designing (or free logo if you are a student/faculty with a .edu e-mail!) – are high quality files. Give it a try.

  5. Well, I still use corel draw for most of my magazine editing. Corel is fantastic, easy to use and the output are WYSIWYG.

    In Corel Draw, use the option in the FILE menu on the left where it says “Publish to the WEB” and click on HTML

    or use the WEB Image Optimizer. It gives you a chance to preview before saving . So you can tweak it and when you are happy, save it.

  6. You must use corel-draw tools option and find check your logo resolution and other things.
    For free web designing/Logo designing ebook check my source

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