Indesign CS 6 “Find / Change” feature use it effectively to make text correction

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Find / Change Menu of Indesign, as the name suggest is used to find or replace any text from an opened document. But actually this Find and Replace feature is much more than just to find and replace text from with in a paragraph or a text frame like we do in most of the Word Processing software. Though for a typesetter Find / Change is one of the best tool provided to mark correction to imported raw word file.

Where this Find / Change feature can be located?

So to use this feature you first have to know how you can open it where it is located. The shortcut for this feature is Ctrl + F or alternatively you can find it at Edit > Find / Change. Once opened it will look like this:

Indesign CS 6 FInd and Change
Indesign CS 6 Find and Change
  1. This text input box used to type the text which we want to search in a document.
  2. If the search text is find in the document the text input here is used to replace that text item
  3. This is the feature which in itself is very strong, as here you can define where to find the text if you have properly tagged the paragraph or character test style or using font settings
  4. Here at this settings you can define which font properties color, Paragraph or character style should be applied.

To use Indesign’s Find / Change feature let we follow a simple example:

Advance settings Find and Change Feature in Indesign CS6
Advance settings Find and Change Feature in Indesign CS6

As you see in the above image,May I help you is written in three different colour but I want to find the one only in Magenta colour… so to find first in the Find what section type the word ” May I help you.

Now from the first intro image choose option no 3 Find format this will show us a lot of option to define, here each option specifies different properties to define…, here I will choose the Character colour option and from the list choose the magenta colour and click ok.

Now notice the Find Formats box, this will have the properties you defined… now when you click find, only the word May I help you written in Magenta will be selected… and other two will be kept apart.

Above in the example I have only defined the colour properties but it has a lot of properties to define like from Style option, you can define from which Paragraph style or character style to find the text. Form basic character and advanced character settings you can set the font properties like bold, italic, leading etc. irrespective of style. Only you need to explore the settings and each will give a unique result to find a text.

The same will happen to Change format option, with what properties you want to change the searched text… like colour, styles or font properties.

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