Indesign CS4 CS5 CS6 displays fonts missing though font installed in fonts folder

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This is one of the general issue in Indesign, that very often with the change of the system, The missing font messages comes on the screen. Even though on some systems, the specified font is seems to be already installed on the windows font folder, but Indesign seems to doesn’t catch that particular font.
Indesing font missing

Just because of this problem most of us working on projects like book lay-outing of in a publishing hose have to just waste a lot of time, relocating or reinstalling these font… and not every time get the desired result.

But do you know, if you have those fonts (used in the document) separately you can get rid of this problem very easily. But first you have to delete those fonts from windows font folder but make sure to backup those fonts before you delete them.

So if you have deleted those fonts from Windows, copy them from where you have backup the fonts.

Open drive c: or which ever drive is your system drive, and let me assume you have installed windows in C drive and using Indesign CS6 then go to this location:

C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe InDesign CS6Fonts

and paste the copied font here. Now this time if you open the file most probably Indesign should not show up with the problem.

Now you must be wondering why such problems keep happening… then it  might because of TTF and open type fonts installed in the system. As I have located several times that if the same font is installed in both the ATM and TTF version, problem often comes.

Besides, you can also use Indesign Package Feature to save all the fonts used in a document, if on any pc files opens up perfectly.. To use the Package Feature go to File> Package and alternatively you can also use ALt+Shift+Ctrl +P shortcut key. May be you already know that Indesign Package feature is used to collect all the fonts, linked image files and the file itself for complete file distribution….

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  1. Hi,
    I have solution on font missing problem.

    Please follow below path & delete all fonts in folder.

    C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe InDesign CS6Fonts

    Please do this. it is very usefull.

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