Indesign Tip: Best File Format to Export for use in other Softwares

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If you are using Indesign, then it would be best for you to know the most commonly used file extensions, in which you can export the layout or design for further use. However, the kind of file extension which you will export will solely depends on your choice and needs like

  1. for final printing or to get high quality digital printout of the design
  2. for web or a HTML document
  3. an image file of a single page of the document to get it attached to a e-mail
  4. exporting the content to any other software like Coreldraw or Illustrator etc.. etc..

Though, the above mentioned needs are just the common ones and they might be more in numbers but the question remains the same as which format will be best for what?

So to tackle the situation Indesign have several formats to choose from: Adobe PDF, EPS, Indesign Interchange, JPEG, SVG, XML

Indesign Export FIle Formats
Indesign Export FIle Formats

You can choose from the many file formats InDesign supports, and you can also control the settings related to the file format you select.

Below is a list of the file extension to which export is supported by Indesign:

PDF Format: This is the most compatible and best file format that you can use to create from Indesign. Files created in PDF format can be later use for any purpose say for final output for the press, or digital printout or for the web also (however to get the best format for your need you have to look after the options carefully which comes after when you choose save.)

EPS: This file format is used if you want to edit the Indesign document in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. This file format is the vector based output file format.

JPG: This the image file format which is most commonly used to create an image of the design or layout to be publish on the web or just to distribute via mail.

XML: Not used very commonly but if you know how to use this file format, you can use this to separate the content from the layout so that all the content on a page can be repurposed and used in different ways — online or in print.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): This file format is also a vector format but is compatible to web.  This graphic file format has never truly caught on. You can export files in SVG format, and later you can use Coreldraw 15 or above to open this type of file.

So after determining in which file format to export your file, take a look at how to export these files and the different kinds of settings you can control when doing so.

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