Enhance Typing Speed in Indesign Easy steps

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For a typesetter in Indesign, making correction or to type a content is a matter of daily routine. But most of the time we fail to use some of the basic tips which if we use while typing,  will makes our life easier during typing or making corrections.

Find below some of the basic ideas:

Using Ctrl +Home or Ctrl + End : If you have already typed matter or are in the middle of the typing job and want to go the starting of the first paragraph of the document you can just use the Ctrl + Home or to go at the end use Ctrl + End. This combination of keys will instantly show the result.

Using Ctrl + Left arrow or Ctrl + Right arrow:  This combination of keys are used with in a line of a paragraph just similar to a document as you learned above but in this case you will reach at the start or the end of line.

Using Ctrl + Backsapce or Ctrl + Delete: These are the one of the most effective combination keys used while making correction,  as these keys when used can delete a complete word at once. As most of the time when we need to delete a text use Backsapce or delete character by character, but now forget that and just use these combination and speeds up your work.

Using Ctrl + Shift + V: Using this combination you can remove all the formatting a text may have from where it is copied, but applies the properties of the paragraph to which it is pasted. This shortcut is also very effective if you have multiple source to import text to a document retaining the same text properties.

Using Ctrl + | : This is also one of the most effective keys while lay-outing in Indesign. With the use of this shortcut you can indent any text from anywhere you want. Just keep the cursor at the position from where you want to Indent and use this shortcut and find the result….

Indent in Indesign
Indent in Indesign

So far this is what I know but in case if I have missed out any plz let me know so that it can be added later of-course with your name on the tip resource…


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