Indesign Tip: Replace Pages from One Document to Another Document

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Friends today in this tutorial I will explain you about a problem which is very general, but if missed can create a big problem. As being a designer and DTP operator guy most of prefer to save many backup copies of their ongoing projects, so that if by-chance, as we never know, the file crashes we still have something to work on it (though we may loose some data but not all)

Now today I am going to tell about a problem to which I was caught little while ago and that too was with the multiple copies of an ongoing project. So what happened to me was, I was making correction to the final copy of the project which was a 200 page literature book and saved it with the latest date (as I always do when making changes or correction to any book), and as I remember after reaching around 120 I have opened the older version of the same project just to cross check the layout. And by mistake started carrying  out the correction over the older one. Now what do think, isn’t this a very general mistake, but as I said if ruled out can create a mess problem.

So now in such a situation the only solution left is to merge the both files keeping the final version of pages. Say 120 pages from the final saved files and remaining from the older one or as many pages to which correction were applied.

Now to do so… I have to kept open both files in cascade window style as shown below:

Cascade Window
Cascade Window

To have windows cascade go through Windows > Arrange > Cascade.

Now follow the steps how to merge two documents in single document.

  1. As you cascaded the document now go to Page panel from panels at the right side. (If page panel is not there then go through Windows > Pages or alternatively you can use F12 to open the page panel.
    Move pages
  2. Now with in the page select the pages to which you want to merge in another document, and, keeping the document selected click right mouse button and choose Move pages.. menu.
  3. This will display a new window asking to which document you want to move these pages and after which pages. Just set the desired range and click on ok.
  4. This will complete the process.
  5. Though the target have been completed, but you must be wondering why I have told you to cascade the windows. Yet there is also another way to get the process done… select the pages you want to move drop over the window to which you want to copy the pages. As without having the windows cascaded the drag and drop can’t be completed.

Hope you liked the article… let me know with your valuable comments.

Like the movie...rate it now

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