Indesign Tip: Steps How to use Document Setup in Indesign

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In one of my previous article, I have already explained the basic steps on ” How to start working in Indesign – for Beginners ….. How to start with Indesign: Basic tips and steps for beginners” now in this steps I will give you a detailed description on how you can modify the document size or increase the number of pages in the document  already created.

Step 1: To modify the page go to File menu and select Document Setup to open the Document Setup Dialog box.

Indesign Document Setup Settings
Indesign Document Setup Settings

Step 2: Now as seen in the image above you can change the number of pages as per your needs may be lower or greater than the pages you currently have…. but in case if you are lowering the pages and the pages that will be removed contains graphics this will display a warning message.

(Note: However, you can also change the number of pages using menu Layout>Pages> Insert pages or using the pages panel…. to know more about pages panel read more at Master Page Layout in Indesign, Bleed, Print area, Cut size setting for a page in Indesign

Step 3: This time select a new page size from the drop down menu or you can set own values for the height and width.

Step 4: Click on the Orientation icons to set the page in Landscape or Portrait.

Now click OK; these settings will be automatically applied to the open document. Now in case if you have not any document open then the settings you have just modified will become the default settings for any new document you create.


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