Indesign Tip: Understanding and Detailed Description of Paragraph Text Styles options

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So far through the previous articles you have learned how you can create a Paragraph Text Style and steps used to modify at a later stage. Now the  today’s article will contain the detailed description on How to modify a Paragraph Text style completely or add extra feature or settings to it.

Indesign Paragraph Text style Settings

Indesign Paragraph Text style Settings
  1. General: This is base of any Paragraph Text style containing Name and Shortcut. Though if you have read the previous articles you may have known to it already.
  2. Basic Character Settings: This option gives you the freedom to select the Font Properties like its size, bold-normal or italic and interline spacing called leading etc.
  3. Advanced Character Formats: From the option available here you can modify the scaling properties of text if you want to stretch it vertically or horizontally. Here you can also define the how much the text should be shifted to down or up from its base line using Baseline shift option. Plus if in case in any font there is no italic option, even though you can emphasis it using skew option.
  4. Indent and Spacing: This setting is used to specify the parameters for Space before paragraph or After Paragraph. Here you can also define the indenting from left or right position.
  5. Tabs: As seems clearly this is used to add or modify tabs in a Paragraph text style
  6. Paragraph Rules: Here you can define the properties to have a complete underline rule below or above the paragraph. If this setting is enabled it will create a line to the edge of the text frame irrespective where the paragraph ends.
  7. Keep Options: This advance paragraph text style can be used to give more condition to any paragraph text style for how long it should be used.
  8. Hyphenation: To turn on or off hyphenation settings or to modify when a word should be hyphenated.
  9. Justification: This property enables you to set the justification applied to a Paragraph text style… left right or full are the option provided.
  10. Drop cap and Nested style: I will create a full and complete article on how to use drop cap and nested style… for the moment it is used to merge secondary character or paragraph style into the one you are modifying.
  11. Bullet and Numbering: As the name suggest it is used to set the parameters for bullets and numbering.
  12. Character Colour: Already explained in the previous article
  13. Open Type Feature: Will discuss later about its use.
  14. Underline option: Used to have underline or above line feature over the text. Though it also work same as the paragraph rules but it ends wherever the text ends.
  15. Strike-through Option: Used to have line over the text unlike the Underline option which sets the rules below the text.

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