Is Default Powerclip Settings in Coreldraw really Helpful?

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Have anyone of you noticed the default working of Coreldraw Powerclip as when you power clip any object with in the other it automatically shifts to the center of the main object making us to manually shift the position of the power-clipped object to the desired location. Isn’t is the time consuming and irritating situation. So is there anyway round of-course there is just change the option that controls by visiting to Tools > Options and from the pop up option arrived locate the Workspace> Edit tab and click over it and on the right side of it you will find a check box option as “auto center new powerclip objects” just disable it as shown in the picture and you are done. Now enjoy working with Coreldraw’s powerclipping…

For the advanced users i will soon publish a post on how you can edit or move an powerclipp object without entering into just wait for that article or comment in the section below or subscribe to the feed-burner email newsletter …

Like the movie...rate it now

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