Is it possible to transfer EPS file from CorelDraw X4 to Illustration CS4?

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Hi, I want to buy Coreldraw suiteX4, since it is cheaper than CS4. I need to know is there any problem if I save EPS file from X4 and open it in illustration CS4? or from CS4 to X4?


There is not any problem with the EPS files created with Coreldraw as these uses the Global EPS Postscript settings 2 or 3 and can be opened with any vector editor programl; even it can also be opened in adobe photoshop but with the Vice Versa sometimes files created with Adobe Illustrator creates problem while importing files in Coreldraw as some colors goes missing. To tackle  this situation however i use to save the file in native .ai format but in lower version preferably vr. 9 or in 10. This way it works perfect for me. Hope this would solve your hesitation.

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  1. You should be okay. EPS is Encapsulated Postscript, and is actually a standard that I believe Adobe originally developed (but I could be wrong). Anyway, EPS should be openable in Illustrator.

    If you do get Coreldraw Suite X4 and want to test whether an EPS saved out from that program works in Illustrator CS4, contact me through my profile and I will give you my direct e-mail, so you can send me the file to see if it opens correctly in Illustrator CS4, which is what I use.

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