How to work with layers in Photoshop? video tutorial

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explains what Layers are, the interface, what they can do for you, and how to manipulate some of their features. The most important thing about this video is it teaches you the concepts of Layers, or stacking them much like pancakes.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. That was so great and explained so well. I live in Greece, how would I ordeer your DVD.Would it work on DVD players over here?

  2. Marvelous. You a very thorough and your rhythm was very easy and painless to follow.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Excellent introduction to layers uses cut-n-paste example with step-by-step. Clear and to thepoint.

  4. Hey, nice vid dude. I tried to copy this with two different images, but when I try to use the “Quick Select Tool” it tries to select whole sections of the image rather than the central image (imagine in your example if it selected a pancake and a quarter of the pancake dish).

    Is there a reason for this. Have you refined your selection tool in some way?

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