Advance Photoshop Effect: Learn the best use of invert color, overlay and gaussian blur filters

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How to transform a regular walk in the forest into an enchanted one! For this effect, we cover the use of the invert color command, the quick selection tool, the color and overlay blend modes, and the gaussian blur filter.

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  1. Hi,

    Yep, Ctrl+J duplicates that layer. Ctrl+I inverts the layer, so you either have the shortcuts changed or it’s a typo on your part, the J and I keys are kinda close 🙂

  2. umm i spent 1 hr trying to do that. but whnever i i do ctrlJ both of my layer become invert i donno how do change it.. i got eveything else right plzzzzz help? do u think its my PS settings?
    ps:thanks for the video u make it very easy to learn!!!

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