Adding stars to sky night using custom selection and gaussian blur command

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Learn how to add stars to a night time sky. For this effect, we cover the use of the add noise and gaussian blur filters, create a custom selection with the color range command, and add a levels and hue and saturation adjustment layer.

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  1. Hey there Rog.I checked my image with yout video once again,as you said the noise layer and the other two adjustment layers sit on top of the original image.(They are all in a group folder).Nothing is wrong with progress of the image.Pretty annoying I cant save it with stars.I checked your website and will open up an account shortly.Thx for your time.

  2. Hi Peace,

    If you’ve been able to create the noise layer as well as the two adjustment layers inside a group (folder) that sits on top of the original image, you should have no problem flattening the image. Perhaps it’s the version of PS you’re using? Why don’t you pop over to our site so we can better offer you support.


  3. This is a great one but I have a problem.I followed all your steps and didnt have any problem till the last step in your video, everything seemed quite fine but when I wanted to flatten the images the sky was filled with noise.I cant save the photo as it is now,what should I do?Please help?

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