Create an image looks like made of text: Photoshop Tutorial

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Learn how to make it seem like your image is entirely made of text. For this effect, we cover the use of the type tool, and clipping masks. For additional effect, we use the drop shadow layer style and gradient tool.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Hi Art,

    That’s true this video is a bit fast, and that’s on purpose. If you check out our site, you’ll see we carefully organized each video to build upon your knowledge. The tutorials are divided into monthly sections, 10 videos each.

    This tutorial is part of Month 12! My recommendation to you is to start viewing Month 1 videos and work your way up. If you follow them through, I bet you’ll be able to follow this video without as much as a click of the pause button.

  2. I know we can pause but it was way too fast for an eager novice like me. I really enjoyed it though and will come back to it again I am sure.. Thanks.

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