How to crate a 3d text effect and glow using photoshop: Video tutorial

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Learn how to distort text, give it a 3D look, and make it look good. Here we cover the use of the type tool, convert to shape and distort commands, apply outer glow and inner glow layer styles, the skew command, and a layer mask at a reduced opacity.

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  1. Great stuff, are you self taught? if not, where did you learn all of this? What kind of classes can I take? I love watching your videos, but it would be easy to remember if I were working on a project and applying these commands in a meaning full way. Any thoughts you might have would be a big help, thanks and keep the peace.

  2. very nice tutorial very professional.. you did not just show how to do i, but also you showed the mentality and mistakes. many tutorials are out there and they are showing the wrong ways… i assume you also are a teacher in a school or sth like that…
    thx again for this great tutorial

  3. Hi Jornada,

    This tutorial is recorded in PS CS3. You can do this in PS CS1 provided you do this:

    1.) “Rasterize Type” command is called “Rasterize Layer”
    2.) “Convert to Shape” is available from the menu: Layer > Type > Convert to Shape

    Everything else is the same. Let me know how you get on.

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