Learn tips to make working on Photoshop two times faster: Great Tutorial

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Learn how to make Photoshop run up to twice as fast by having the right settings and a crucial bit of hardware. If you’re editing large 10 megapixel images, this one’s for you!

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  1. Hi Roman,

    Yes it does. It matters a lot. And the answer is always use an empty or near empty HD. A full HD (with less than 10% fee space) is very very very very slow. I can’t stress this enough. Use an HD that’s 40% full at most. HDs slow down the more full they get.

  2. Hi Marcus,

    If you’re sure you have more than 3GB of RAM, then just set the allocation to 100% and you’ll be ok.

  3. Hi Jay,

    The video was recorded on a Mac but the steps are all the same for the PC (the preferences can be found under the Edit menu on the PC)

  4. Thanks man! Actually I’m going to get more RAM for my comp overall, then photoshop will work, but thanks anyway!

  5. Hi Wolf,

    With 1696mb, I’d recommend setting the RAM allocation to 85-90%. Having a separate harddrive for the scratch disk would benefit you greatly.

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