Learn how you can beautify someone using Photoshop: Perform a Digital Nose Job

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Learn how to give someone a digital nose job. A job well done is one where it’s hardly noticeable.We cover the use of the lasso tool, feather selection, and the free transform command to perform the “surgery”.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Hi Gaisar,

    Black was the background color, so CTRL+backspace fills it with black. (If black is the foreground color, it’s ALT+backspace)

  2. Hi Mnayer,

    To copy just the nose to a separate layer, make sure you have a selection around the nose and press CTRL+J. If that’s not working, try going to Edit > Copy. Then Edit > Paste

  3. hi i did every thing like you have sid BUT when i make new layer i cant make the nose separated!!!
    what can i dooo please 🙁

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