Create abstract images or popart of your own using Photoshop

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The below tutorial will teach how to create master piece of your own using Photoshop. In this video the author has tried to show you how you can distort an image into a popart like image, you can apply the same technique to create abstract paintings… watch the video

In this free video tutorial provided by we will show you how to change your photos into pop art style images using Adobe Photoshop. Goto for high resolution viewing and more free video tutorials.

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  1. people dont be mean. he’s trying to help you ^^ if you dont like it its fine but dont be mean

  2. @juanbotero01 Well if you knew anything about photoshop it wouldn’t be that hard for you. You can even see where he is clicking. >_<

  3. @cfcspmc Is this yet another free offer that expects the punter to take part in a useless survey?

    video on my page !

    almost 400 downloads and not a single complaint ! ! !

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  7. I love this tutorial….just perfect for what I was looking for & you are very easy to follow
    Thank you soooooo much xxxx

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