Making Business cards in CorelDraw X3

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Making Business cards in CorelDraw X3

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  1. Shouldn’t you have added and eighth of an inch all around since you have a four sided bleed in this design. Also if your going to print it out on your own printer instead of taking to to the professional printer, you could put trim mark on the sheet so you know where to trim (or cut) the cards. GREAT VIDEO! Nice work.

  2. tol, paano mo sineparate yung picture sa card itself if you just copy the card itself or scanned the calling cards?

  3. awesome, really. Thank you, you helped me a lot! Corel seemed to be an unsearchable wood 😀 But now I’m really proud of my work;) Just could you say how to make frames for it?

  4. Very easy to make this type of lines on Corel… In Photoshop we lost a lot of time to make it. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. I have just become your Number 1 fan…..
    You are to graphic design as Bach to the ear…..
    Really great…..
    Thanks once more for the great tips and all the work you have put in to make this tutorial….

  6. I really liked your video and your channel. If you need any help getting this video or channel exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.


  7. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, this video really mean a lot to us…..Thanks once again!!!!!
    You rock……….

  8. Tip:

    You dont have to press “+” sign on keyboard to duplicate object, if you want to put it in the different place in the project. You can just drag object and, while holding whe left mouse button, click the rigt mouse button to get copy of dragged object. Now, when you drop it (relase left mouse button) you got copy of previously dragged object. So you can get two things – DUPLICATE AND MOVE DUPLICAT AT JUST ONE DRAG-R.M.B.-DROP OPERATION.

  9. Nicely done! Where I work, we set the paper to landscape orientation, you can print 12 cards instead of just 10 (3 horizontal, 4 vertical).

  10. hi mr. alex using corel draw 11. and its kinda difficult coz when i hit the plus sign to copy the curve ive made..i cant copy it just one..a lot of curve lines appeared. how can i fix this? hope to hear your reply..i really need this. thanks.

  11. Sorry I m a bit disappointed , i tried to do this too, but somehow it doesn t work. Lost some time , bad luck for me. Maybe he klicks here and there and just explain half of it. What was this good for?

  12. another great tutorial, it has been really helpful that about printing tips n corel draw, I don’t knew that Corel could do that. 🙂

  13. hola excelentes tutoriales, no tendras en español? veo que tu nombre es muy latino, si tienes en español te lo agradeseria

  14. Sir,
    Watching your tutorials is like having you sat beside me!!

    We could’nt ask for more..Yu are a genius my friend, not only at technical skills with corel, but also as a fantastic teacher!!

    May the heavens rain down sweet meats upon you!!

    Many many thanks bro..

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