Modifying a Character Style in Indesign: Change text from a Paragraph Style

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As we have already discussed how to create a Character Text Style in previous post, now its time to learn how to modify a character style so that the result automatic updates to the document open (if the character style is applied with in a text).

Character Style Options
Character Style Options
  1. First of all you have to open the Character style Panel using Shift + F11 shortcut key or through Type > Character Style.
  2. Form the Panel window double click on the Character Style you have created (as explained in the previous article)
  3. From the new option window opened, you may notice this one also has some how the same look as Paragraph Text Style Option you have just learned in the Article with less option… but more or less have the same properties as in the Paragraph text style.
  4. Now to understand better let us discuss these option one by one:
    • General: Here you can give a name to the Character Style as well as create a shortcut also. As I have already suggested we can use Ctrl+number keys combination for Paragraph style  while  A combination with Shift key would be better for Character Style. This will enable us in a better position to remember or apply them to a text frame.
    • Basic Character Settings: This option gives you the freedom to select the Font Properties like its size, bold-normal or italic and interline spacing called leading etc.
    • Advanced Character Formats: This one also is same as like you have already used for Paragraph Text Style, the basic difference for Paragraph text style and Character Style is that the changes you made will be applied to only the selected text not to the complete paragraph. The option available here are scaling properties of text to stretch them vertically or horizontally. You can also set the properties for Baseline shift or skew option.
    • Character Colour: At this option you can set the color for the selected text.
    • Underline option: Used to have underline or above line feature over the text. Though it also work same as the paragraph rules but it ends wherever the text ends.
    • Strike-through Option: Used to have line over the text unlike the Underline option which sets the rules below the text.

Basic Difference between Paragraph Text style and Character Text Style

  1. Paragraph Text style is used over to set of change the text properties to a complete paragraph while character text style is used to modify the text properties to a selected portion with in a paragraph.
  2. F11 keyboard shortcut is used to open the Paragraph Text style panel window, for character style Shift + F11 is the shortcut keys.
  3. The Leading (Line space) and Before and After Paragraph spacing is only application to a Paragraph Text style, while Character text style lacks this feature.
  4. Even though if you have already applied a bold, italic or color properties from a paragraph text style to a paragraph, that text can also be modified using character text style.

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