My computer defaults to using CorelDraw to open PDF files, instead of Acrobat – how do I make it stop!?

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It is really annoying….
Yes, that is what I do. But I can’t open PDF links in my web browser. I have to download, save to the desktop, right click….it would be much simpler just to click the link and open it….

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  1. right click the file while pressing the shift button. click open with then choose program. choose acrobat before you press OK, check the box “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. that should do the trick.

  2. That is annoying, and Windows isn’t very up-front about how to fix it.

    One way to do so using Windows is to find a PDF file, then hold down Shift and right-click on it. On the context menu, select “Open With…”. A dialog box will come up showing you programs you might use to open a PDF file. If Acrobat is not in the list, you might have to browse for it. Once you have Acrobat selected, check the checkbox at the bottom that says “Always use this program to open this file” and click OK. Problem solved.

    Another option might be to open Acrobat and search around inside its menus to see if it has an option to restore this association.

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