No “smudge” button on Adobe PhotoShop? Help?

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I was trying to find the ‘smudge’ button on the adobe photoshop program because, I was reading the tips and tricks and trying to follow along. I cannot find this button for the life of me! Are there some verisons of Adobe PhotoShop that do not have this “smudge” button?

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  1. If you have the default settings, the smudge tool is on the toolbar (typically on the left side) and it’s the 7th one from the top and on the left column of tool icons.
    That tool icon has three options “Blur”, “Sharpen” and “Smudge”. Right click on it and you will see all three of them and you can then select “Smudge”. By the way most of these icons have more than one function in it and you can see them by right clicking.

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