Paste Board Area (Area around page border) is limited in CS3… expand it…

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Today in this article I will tell you a how you can expand the paste board area in Indesign the best software for publishing industry.

However if you are using Indesign CS5 or later then it will not be very tough to expand the print area (which is explained at the end of the article) but for CS3 users it is quite tricky… how just go through the below step by step process

Paste Board
Indesign Paste Board
  1. First go through the File Menu and choose Document Setup
  2. Change the document width as per your requirement say 15-20 inches if you are designing your layout in letter size.
    Page setup
  3. Now click OK
  4. This will extend your print area to the extreme edge of the document just don’t panic if you already have any text frame placed or any other element over the print area which for instance seems to be scattered here and there ( they will automatically fix later).
  5. Now move the screen to edge of any spread and place of the object on the far left or far right of the pasteboard just outside the print area.padte board
  6. Once you done with the object placement, then again go to the document setup and revert back the width of the page with the original page width size.
  7. This is all, when you click OK, you’ll notice that the pasteboard width remains expanded and elements or the text frame revert back to their normal stage.

Though the above trick is not very straight forward, but can to be tried to make life much simpler in Indesign CS3. Now what if you are using Adobe Indesign CS5 or later…..this has a very simple process…

  1. First go through the Edit Menu > Preferences and choose Guides and Pasteboard…
  2. This will display a window as shown below, to which you only need to change the Horizontal Margins as per the needs.
    CS 5 Horizontal Margin
  3. Click OK.

So that’s is how you can expand the paste board as desired…. here is one more tip…

Now you have a huge paste board and would like to have the full page view including complete paste, then use this shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+0 (Zero) or mac users can use Command-Option-Shift-0 (zero). Isn’t this cool.

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