How to get through Photoshop Advanced Background Extraction techniques

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Ever wished to learn how you can extract background form any image then may be this video can be very helpful just get thorough it and learn how you can extract a background easily and effectively….

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  1. I learned something, thank you. I would like to find out why extract too l will not work in 16 bits in CS3. I have to change to 8. Is it possible that I am doing something wrong?

  2. For anyone wondering where the extract tool is in CS4, they removed it. But you can find it on Adobes WebSite for free or you can find it on your install CD. Either way, it’s free, you justy download it, and then you put it in your “Plugins Folder” under your Photoshop folders. It will come with a more extensive readma.

  3. they dont have extract filter in cs4 coz they remove it and make it as an optional plug-in…..u can get the optional plug in from da adobe cd or download it from the adobe website….its free by the way……then u put da plug-in in da adobe file…..n its all done….:D…

  4. For cs4 the extract filter is available as an extra plugin and can be found on the goodies CD. If you have no CD then it can be downloaded free of charge at the adobe website.

  5. that is the best tutorial i’ve seen, but the extraction option is not in adobe photoshop cs4 extended

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