Learn Phtoshop Basics: Canvas Workspace, Toolbars, Text Settings, blending options, Saving Images

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This video goes over the following for basics: Creating Canvas Workspace Toolbars Basic Tools Layers Text Settings Blending Options Saving If you would like more advanced videos watch my PhotoShop Tips & How to’s instead as this is for beginners! I had to record this 4 times as my mic was turned off! If you need any help feel free to comment. Want to request a video? message to my channel, Private Message me or comment on my featured video ‘message to all my subscribers’ 1000 subscribers by December 25th please! So help by Subscribing, commenting, rating, favouriting to my videos and it’ll be greatly appreciated. More PhotoShop coming soon! This tutorial was made using Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Imppressive, if you are making tutorials for programmes like photoshop at 15-16 years old…

  2. Thanks Joe, you will make my life so easy as a beginner to Photoshop! I can’t wait to advance.

  3. Thank u m8.. vary helpful.. i just got Adobe PS and i will try to lirn it… im use to PaintdotNET wich is kinda good you can do some cool stuff in that.. but i got myself a MacBook and dotNET doesn’t work on it… so i decided to go a bit more professional 😀

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